Fact and feeling: On teaching emotive issues

A logical and sensitive approach to an emotive and complicated (and much blurred by publicity!) issue. From a new blog by a former colleague of mine, which I highly recommend!

Confessions of a lecturer

Teaching emotional topics (2)

The situation in Syria has challenged the European status quo about migration and refuge, and brought to our attention a kind of pain that most of us cannot imagine. In a few weeks, students around the country will be discussing current events with teachers and lecturers, who are themselves struggling to find the factual information and emotional balance to provide some description of an atrocious situation. It may even be that neither party truly wants more information, if much of the available information is distressing.

Intended learning outcomes in such situations can be varied, and the more emotive the issue, the more likely it is that they cannot all be met in one fluid conversation. Today’s trend of entirely interdisciplinary, inter-topic conversational flow, while laudable for a wide array of excellent reasons in education, fails us entirely in some situations. In teaching distressing material, moral considerations are more likely than…

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