The Sink At Work

The sink at work
Is rank
And filled with so much
Sad, stained crockery
That if I were a little less disgusted
I would weep.
The sink is big
And would not look
Out of place
In factory
Charles and Diana
Memorial teaplate
Brown in hue
From years of sad
Lunches at a desk
Plastic lock-and-locks
Left to soak
Remnants of couscous
Or last-night’s
Hopeful takeaway.
Scald my hands
In order to be cleaner
And stop myself
From staring into the abyss
That is the sink
At work.

About dcduell

Failed musician. Trying to write for TV. Never sure quite where I'm headed. Serial un-funnyman. I used to do a lot of writing. Sometimes I still do. So I decided to put it on the internet. I'm on Facebook and Twitter. Pretty active on the former, not so much on the latter. Holler at me.
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