Nightmare Sketch – 2 July 2008

They have seen me

Beat the elderly

I watched the door

We hung the scum.


That same night

A beautiful girl

Got into a club for free

Because I was the doorman


A parallel

Becomes apparent


I am doorman

Behind me




And I will hang me for this.


He shows me evidence

I beat a man

Until he was half dead

And I looked on

Past torture and past hate


(She tells me off,

That five pounds

Means a lot

When trade is slow)


I know

They’ve seen the diaries


I know

That I

Will hang for this.


About dcduell

Failed musician. Trying to write for TV. Never sure quite where I'm headed. Serial un-funnyman. I used to do a lot of writing. Sometimes I still do. So I decided to put it on the internet. I'm on Facebook and Twitter. Pretty active on the former, not so much on the latter. Holler at me.
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